Peter Loso was one of the first settlers to arrive to the St. Joseph area and founded the German negotiation in August, 1854. He said section 9-10 which the Village of Saint Joseph was platted. Many others soon adopted and the Township was planned in 1858 covering 81 square miles. Originally called Clinton, St. Joseph attained its current name in 1… Read More

The U.S. Territory of Missouri was setup in 1812, but settlement was sluggish even after the War of 1812. The coming with the steamboat enhanced traffic and trade about the Mississippi, and settlement progressed. Planters within the South had introduced slavery in the territory, but their plantations ended up restricted to a small spot. Having said… Read More

In certain foreseeable future range we propose presenting far more advantages of this type of road, and can Furthermore propose and enforce by argument the methods and implies of accomplishing the article."During the year 1856 J. B. Ranney and associates proposed to the town authorities that privileges needs to be granted to a business to become or… Read More

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